Project Management

Project Management is moving away from being standalone to a collaborative task at breakneck pace. Invent of cellular phones, instant messaging, mobile cameras and WhatsApp have pushed collaboration to a new level.

Collaborative Project Management can be put to effective use managing any sort of project. From complex EPC projects to software development, this flexible and interactive method of project management shines all the way. Collaborative Project Management started in a big way only since the last couple of years since the advent of internet and proliferation of the Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

CPMS cuts down on the traditional overheads and costs associated with central project management and presents a lean and up to date picture of the project. CPMS is well suited for project which are dynamic in nature and is extremely flexible and powerful in driving work downstream. Seamless integration and thoughtful separation of activities ensures every team member’s contribution towards both planning and realization of the project.


TeamHub is an extremely cost effective and powerful Collaborative Project Management System which is immensely customizable to meet the user’s needs. It also integrates many commonly required features such as Approval Process Management, Document Management, KPI tracking along with it’s social features such as Forums and WIKI to provide a one stop solution for all project management needs.

Please feel free to explore various features of TeamHub and download some of the white papers to explore further.

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 White Paper on Collaborative Project Management using TeamHub CPMS
 White Paper on Traditional Project Management vs TeamHub CPMS