Project management in manufacturing setups involve high degree of process orientation and engineering inputs. Typical projects such as facility expansions, setup of new production lines and new products call for extensive collaboration between the end customers and vendors (both internal and 3rd party) at all stages.

Internal projects such as Lean, Six Sigma, TPM and TQM initiatives can gain a new level of sophistication and success if they are implemented using a structured project management system.

Collaborative Project Management for Improvement Projects

Improvement initiatives are inherently collaborative and Cross Functional Team activities, managing these projects on traditional non collaborative tools and platforms not only dilute the effectiveness of these projects but also face the danger of complete failure due to “out of sight – out of mind” maxim.


Traditional project management methods squarely fail with improvement projects for the lack of interactivity and management exposure. TeamHub is a powerful collaborative platform which can revolutionize the way projects are handled in a manufacturing setup by keeping both the project team as well as the management in constant sync among other project management benefits.

Features such as Document Management, Interactive Forums, KPI and Dashboard reporting add to the highly collaborative approach and lead the way towards a super collaborative enterprise.

Approval process automation

Management Information System & KPI reporting automation

TeamHub includes an inbuilt user customizable Management Information and KPI tracking system which drastically cuts down the implementation times for new reports and streamlines existing reports into one web based powerful graphical dashboard. The dashboard itself has interactive trend graphs for any number of KPIs all the way from Daily/ Weekly reports to Monthly and Annual trends which can be accessed on any computing or mobile device. This is especially very useful for top executives and managers who want a sustainable and easy to implement reporting system across the organization.

Document Management

Version and access control of project documents and templates solve a lot of problems caused due to use of outdated files templates which often lead to major reworks. TeamHub removes this problem by providing a document management system embedded right into the project management system. Controlled access to latest documents and notifications to team members upon publication of a new version makes Document Control efficient as well as immensely convenient.

Approval Process Management

Manage any sort of approval process with defined approving authorities and escalation model for a paperless approval process. TeamHub can manage any number of approval processes for every project and makes otherwise complex paperwork simple and online.

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