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TeamHub is powerful and easy to use Collaborative Project Management system. It is an efficient alternative to traditional excel sheets and standalone software to manage complex IT projects, Implementation projects, managing customers support operations, streamlining sales process and a lot more in one single interface.

Get amazing insight on how people work in your organization and meaningful and undiscovered aspects of your organization’s work culture. With TeamHub prep your team for lean work practices, increased accountability and promote a collaborative work atmosphere.

TeamHub provides an all-inclusive platform for IT companies to build a lean and self-improving enterprise with the deep business insight it brings to the management and the extensive collaborative environment it provides to its users.

Managing Projects the collaborative way


Collaborative Project Management is the most effective way to ensure efficient use of resources and streamline project delivery. Track all features, bugs and support cases within a single interface along with the ability to manage all allied processes and requirements.

Bug tracking & defect tracking

Ensure better quality software by tracking the defects and bugs with the help of TeamHub. Ensure accurate capture and resolution along with detailed information of effort spent to fix them. Set your team on the path of Continuous Quality Improvement with effective bug tracking to support them in this journey.

Contextualize feedback and activity based discussions

Unlike traditional communication means such as email and telephone calls, all discussions within TeamHub are always in context to an element, be it an activity, bug, new article or even discussions. Powerful @mentions style callouts make collaboration natural and effective thereby reducing email clutter and helping getting things done.

Accurate billing

With the ability to track time spent on each feature or bug, get an accurate time sheet for transparent and efficient client billing process. Ensure complete track of all the efforts put in and reduce the chances of inaccurate billing.

Integrate Quality Processes, SQA & Document Control

Along with the ability to track bugs and defects, ensure compliance to standards and defined processes such as ISO 9126 and CMMI. With versioned document control managing and distributing documents are made effortless and natural allowing users and managers to focus on deliverables while the process is taken care of.

Help Desk & customer support

TeamHub can watch over email addresses and create activities assigned to specific users for customer support and feedback emails received. It also act as self-service portal for your customers where issues and requests can be logged by them and the updates sent over to them as they are resolved.

Among its other features TeamHub can help setup an automated reporting Dashboard, departmental KPI tracking system, automated escalation of delays, daily reminders for upcoming tasks, team calendar and a lot more to help be more productive and effective.

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