Event Management

The key to managing events is undoubtedly the ability to manage information, assigning team members tasks, giving feedback on time and provide on demand issue resolution support.

This creates the need for a system capable of handling information and discussions contextually. A collaborative project management system is in many ways the only possible way to manage events effectively. Some features of TeamHub which come handy while managing events are

Budget Management

With real time activity wise expense tracking managing budgets and being in control means a lot more than spending weekends compiling excel sheets and expense reports. TeamHub integrates expense tracking and reporting into activities itself so that the expenses can be recorded right into the activity, providing context for the expense as well as automated dashboard reporting enabling real time control over event expenses.


Activity management

Assign and track tasks to individual team members or groups. Take part in discussions and provide immediate resolution for field issues faced from the comfort of your workstation or while on the road.

Vendor management

Unlike managing an excel sheets and shared documents for vendors and services, create centralized vendor database and with just a keyword search bring them up whenever needed. Track each vendor’s performance and rate them so that the next time you need them, you know exactly who to get in touch with.

Post event

All relevant pictures and videos can be directly uploaded to the activities, this not only enriches collaboration but also make it extremely convenient to curate them for reporting purpose one the event is done.

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