The need for Collaborative Project Management in the energy sector is tremendous following the upsurge in the number of energy and infrastructure projects across the globe as well as due to the inherent high risk involved in such projects. Traditional means of project management are not equipped with tools to handle such scales of risks and often put the load on the project managers to firefight. With a collaborative project management model, both the workload as well as the risks are not only broken down to smaller elements but are also distributed, and therefore are manageable.

Apart from complex planning and the need of constant coordination, energy projects also require a great deal of collaboration between the central planning and design offices.

TeamHub gives a live insight into project progress and enables quicker decision making. The ability to split up complex action it is into smaller sub projects and sub activities enables selective yet collaborative environment, even sub-contractors can be easily integrated into the system with selective access to TeamHub.


Document management

Manage all sorts of document control and distribution needs with TeamHub’s integrated Document Management System, ranging from specifications to CAD drawings from one simple interface.

Site reporting

Site status reporting is a critical activity for any project, TeamHub gives the ability to the site team to give immediate feedback on the work progress thereby enabling real time project control. With the ability to upload videos and pictures to activity pages, the reports are even more descriptive and interactive.

Budget Tracking

A comprehensive budget tracking system is also an integral part of TeamHub, comprehensive activity wise expense tracking and detailed interactive drill down reports give immense control over the costs.


Publish side wide information such as Safety Newsletters and other Team communications through the very same system used for day to day work. Receive immediate feedback as well as comments from team members and form a great social network within your team.

Wiki and knowledge management

Integrated WIKI enables team members and managers to create media rich, searchable web pages for sharing information such as FAQs, tutorials, case studies and other information often needed by team members. Users can contribute and create Wiki pages easily and no specialist training in creating web pages is required.

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