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Project Management in Education has always taken an approach which is contrary to the popular traditional methods. Education sector projects are Agile, in the sense activities are added and removed as the projects progresses, this also means that plans keep changing often. Therefore, the need for a robust activity tracking system is much higher than simple reporting offered by conventional project tools. Further to that, students are much more into social media and inter campus interaction than the rest of the industry and therefore a socially immersive platform to manage academic projects is the perfect fit.

TeamHub is a socially immersive project management platform which offers collaborative project management experience to students and academic staff to manage dynamic projects. Many academic projects call for cross campus collaboration and field access. TeamHub being a cloud based solutions offers seamless access to the project management system irrespective of the user’s location.


Apart from social features which makes projects much more immersive and collaborative, TeamHub also serves as a Document Repository, Knowledge management system and a collaborative Wiki system for the project team members.

Some key features which appeal to academia are:

Document Management

Version and access control of project documents and templates solve a lot of problems caused due to use of outdated files templates which often lead to major reworks. TeamHub removes this problem by providing a document management system embedded right into the project management system. Controlled access to latest documents and notifications to team members upon publication of a new version makes Document Control efficient as well as immensely convenient.

Approval Process Management

From Change requests to additional Staff Requests, TeamHub can help streamline all project approval processes. This assists in quick resolution of approval requests and reduces email and paper clutter.


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