Management Consulting

Management consulting is the business of helping organizations improve their performance and implementing best practices. Consultants typically take up “Projects” which range from solving complex growth problems to the implementation of new systems and processes across the organization.

TeamHub helps both the consulting crew as well as the clients with the entire gamut of Project Management, Document Management, MIS / KPI Reporting Systems, Knowledge Management, Approval Process Management and Budget management needs in one single application.

Collaborative Project Management

From detailed project planning to impromptu activity additions, manage projects of any size and complexity while providing a collaboration platform for your team. Activity wise updates and collaboration reduce email clutter and prime your team for an organized project delivery. The ability to provide limited access to clients and


other team members also adds to the interactivity and convenience of progress reporting. TeamHub’s rich media embedding feature lets users to upload pictures, videos and even embed Google Maps, YouTube videos, documents other content to activities while it’s intuitive discussion system makes every discussion relevant and purposeful.

Document Management

Version and access control of project documents and templates solve a lot of problems caused due to use of outdated files templates which often lead to major reworks. TeamHub removes this problem by providing a document management system embedded right into the project management system. Controlled access to latest documents and notifications to team members upon publication of a new version makes Document Control efficient as well as immensely convenient.

Management Information System & KPI reporting

While implementing new systems and process, often entirely new reporting systems need to be built from scratch. Traditionally, consultants rely on purpose made excel sheets and assign a team member to compile such reports. This takes up considerable time as well as makes the process dependent on a lot of external factors which often leads to unreliable and late reporting.

TeamHub includes an inbuilt user customizable Management Information and KPI tracking system which drastically cuts down the implementation times and brings in a modern web based data entry system together with a powerful graphical dashboard. The dashboard itself has interactive trend graphs for any number of KPIs all the way from Daily/ Weekly reports to Monthly and Annual trends which can be accessed on any computing or mobile device. This is especially very useful for top executives and consultants who need to keep track of the KPIs as and when they happen instead of waiting for the reports to be emailed.

Approval Process Management

From trivial Flight Bookings, Expense Reimbursements to additional Staff Requests, TeamHub can help streamline all project approval processes. This assists in quick resolution of approval requests and reduces email and paper clutter.

Budget Tracking and expense control

A comprehensive budget tracking system is also an integral part of TeamHub, comprehensive activity wise expense tracking and detailed interactive drill down reports give immense control over the project costs in real time and helps managers keep them in control while automating the reporting process as per the firm’s norms and conventions.

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