Large construction projects have significant challenges in both progress tracking and information dispersal. A collaborative project management tool can be a trusted aide in easing both of these troubles.

Tracking Progress becomes cumbersome for extremely large projects, even with dedicated team taking care of these activities, up to date information to the central project management team is always a tough challenge to overcome. Often project progress on field and the update of plan are off by a couple of days. This creates major hurdles in taking appropriate decisions and often leads to crisis.

Project & Site Management

TeamHub eliminates these troubles by providing a secure collaborative system to Plan, Track and manage large and complex projects. It also serves as a site reporting tool which greatly simplifies day to day construction management and keeps the planning team abreast of the latest changes on the site.


Budget Tracking

A comprehensive budget tracking system is also an integral part of TeamHub, activity wise expense tracking and detailed interactive drill down reports give immense control over the expenses in real time.

Document Control

Version and access control of construction documents and drawings solve a lot of problems caused due to use of outdated drawings and templates which often lead to major reworks. TeamHub removes this problem by providing a Document Management System within the Project Management System. Controlled access to latest Drawings, Documents and notifications to team members upon publication of a new version of documents they follow, makes Document Control efficient as well as immensely convenient.

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