Aerospace, Defense & Nuclear

Aerospace, Defense and Nuclear sectors are technology intensive and place great emphasis on quality, reliability and safety. Since the technology in these industries evolve at a much faster rate than other industries, a system capable of adapting to changing needs is required. TeamHub CPMS provides a secure and flexible system to manage both Projects as well as allied processes.

Managing Projects

As a component supplier or as a component and system contractor, the need to deliver on time and within budget is critical. TeamHub streamlines all the project requirements, activities, approval processes and document management into one single collaborative system to ensure effective project management as well as efficient information management.

Managing Quality


Quality standards such as AS9100 address both quality and the safety aspects. Compliance to such standards and registration the certifying bodies are prerequisite to be a supplier to these industries. Manage the entire Quality Assurance process with TeamHub CPMS and integrate both the Project Management and Quality delivery aspect of component manufacturing.

Managing Vendors

Suppliers are the back bone of projects, ensure timely integration of components and delivery of inputs by including them into your own project management system with controlled access to activities and media. This enables both the vendor and the user to work together to the overall goal of the project. TeamHub can also help manage the vendor selection, validation and qualification process which are typically handled manually thereby decreasing the lead times and improving process reliability.

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 White Paper on Traditional Project Management vs TeamHub CPMS