Industry applications of TeamHub CPMS

Collaboration is the new way to handle complex projects, many leading companies have been using collaborative project management to produce beautiful and innovative products and deliver complex projects within stipulated time and budget. Along with projects, TeamHub Project Management Software can also help organize and manage Documents, Approval Processes and serve as a central dashboard for graphical KPI reporting.

TeamHub Collaborative Project Management System is a versatile and highly customizable system. Click on the following links to know how TeamHub CPMS can help deliver better value.

Aerospace And Defense

Aerospace, Defense & Nuclear

Aerospace, Defense and Nuclear sectors are technology intensive and place great emphasis on quality, reliability and safety. Since the technology in these industries evolve at a much faster rate than ...
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Large construction projects have significant challenges in both progress tracking and information dispersal. A collaborative project management tool can be a trusted aide in easing both of these troubles. Tracking ...
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Education and Learning

Project Management in Education has always taken an approach which is contrary to the popular traditional methods. Education sector projects are Agile, in the sense activities are added and removed ...
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The need for Collaborative Project Management in the energy sector is tremendous following the upsurge in the number of energy and infrastructure projects across the globe as well as due ...
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Event Management

The key to managing events is undoubtedly the ability to manage information, assigning team members tasks, giving feedback on time and provide on demand issue resolution support. This creates the ...
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Human Resources

Managing Human Resources for an organization is probably the single most important factor to contribute to it’s success, for, great teams make great organizations. Vast majority of HR activities require ...
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Information Technology

TeamHub is powerful and easy to use Collaborative Project Management system. It is an efficient alternative to traditional excel sheets and standalone software to manage complex IT projects, Implementation projects, ...
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Management Consulting

Management consulting is the business of helping organizations improve their performance and implementing best practices. Consultants typically take up “Projects” which range from solving complex growth problems to the implementation ...
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Project management in manufacturing setups involve high degree of process orientation and engineering inputs. Typical projects such as facility expansions, setup of new production lines and new products call for ...
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Pharma & Food

TeamHub is an integrated collaborative solution which complies and exceeds 21 CFR Part 11 requirements by FDA. TeamHub can be used to manage the entire Quality Assurance processes for Pharmaceutical ...
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Project Management

Project Management is moving away from being standalone to a collaborative task at breakneck pace. Invent of cellular phones, instant messaging, mobile cameras and WhatsApp have pushed collaboration to a ...
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