Project Management & Collaborative Features of TeamHub

TeamHub Project Management Software has many great Project Management and Collaboration features to help you run your business efficiently and effectively. TeamHub Project Management Software is developed in India to provide Indian businesses with world class, cost effective alternative to expensive Project Management Software. TeamHub servers can be installed within your premises to ensure data privacy and security or used from the cloud on demand, please click on get started to know more.

Exceptional Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

At a single glance, you can easily view the critical details about project status and identify bottlenecks with critical path method, manage budget spends, track KPIs and even view remote site reports at one place. The Dashboard has interactive charts and detailed Gantt chart view which supports unlimited number of activities in one page.


Better Collaboration

Get more things done with features such as @mentions and contextual discussions, Forums and Wiki Pages.
TeamHub supercharges collaboration within your team members by providing an easy to use, natural interface, with better collaboration and lesser email clutter, you can be confident of getting your project past hurdles.

Better Collaboration


Activity Track

Activity Tracking

Activity Tracking enables you to assign tasks to your team members and track their progress with complete history of changes. TeamHub Project Management Software has innovative “within Activity” discussions wherein you can discuss the activity with a simple @username tag which automatically sends the mentioned user a notification to join the conversation!
Activity Tracking also has advanced features such as custom statuses, custom data fields and is deeply integrated with the Document Management System as well.


Automatic Escalation

When you use Excel sheets or other project management systems, delays are discovered only when you proactively look into the project progress and run your analysis. This is often too late to manage, TeamHub’s Automatic Escalation system preemptively keeps track of impending delays and notifies it first to the user and later to the manager and prevents nasty surprises.

Automatic Escalation ensures that you don’t have to deal with surprises and helps to keep firefighting to minimum.

Automatic Escalation


Spent Time Tracking

Spent Time Tracking

If you deal with IT and Software Projects, you would know that a lot of time is wasted compiling timesheet reports, rechecking them for errors and submitting them for approval, this not only increases the billing cycle time but also takes up your valuable time into a mundane task.

TeamHub tracks activity wise time automatically with a easy to use “Start & Stop” timer for activities. This enables managers to take daily, weekly and project wise spent time reports with just a few clicks. The timesheet reports are also downloadable as Excel sheets.


Smart Notification

You can Follow Activities of interest and get updates to your inbox as and when any updates are done, TeamHub keeps all the participants in loop thereby preventing communication gaps.

Smart Notifications can be configured so that you get notifications only for the important events and the Activities you follow.

Smart Reminders And Notifications


Budget Management

Budget Management

Detailed interactive drill down reports give immense control over the project costs in real time and helps managers understand financial implications co-related to activities, this allows better control while keeping reporting an integrated part of activity execution.

Activity wise expense tracking ensures your projects stay on budget and helps control expense in real time.


Document Management

TeamHub Project Management Software has an integrated Document Management System compete with version control, document access control and advanced distribution management which is tightly integrated to the Project Management system.

This eliminates the need for a separate DMS, reduces the associated software and training costs and most of all provides a convenient and secure medium to manage key documents within TeamHub.

Version Control Doc Mgt


Embedded Media

Have rich discussions within activities by attaching Pictures, Videos, Google or Bing Maps and YouTube links. Embedded media makes every activity and the related discussion come to life, just as if everyone is sitting in the same room.

Embedded media enables better contextual discussions, improves interactivity and creates a lively platform for collaboration.

Embedded Media


KPI Tracking

TeamHub includes user customizable Management Information and KPI tracking system which brings in a modern web based Management Information System within the Project Management System.

The dashboard has interactive trend graphs for any number of KPIs. Daily/ Weekly reports, Monthly and Annual trends can be accessed on any device with a browser. This is especially useful for executives who need to keep track of the KPIs, as and when they happen, instead waiting for emails.

KPI Tracking


Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud Based Solutions

Cloud based solutions are cost effective alternatives to traditional in-premise solutions, not only there is no upfront investment which are required otherwise for hardware, additional licenses and skilled manpower but also accelerates the realization of benefits as TeamHub can be rolled out at a much shorter notice.

TeamHub’s Cloud solutions are hosted on leading cloud services such as Azure, Amazon and Google and are secured with both active and passive security measures. Data safety and system reliability is taken care by the robust system design of TeamHub cloud service which is built with multiple geographical redundancy.


On Premise Solution

Getting started with On Premise solutions has never been simpler, TeamHub Collaborative Project Management System is available as easy to deploy Virtual Machine images based on any Linux flavour you are comfortable with.
TeamHub’s On Premise solution takes the engineering challenges away from the users and delivers a secure Virtual machine ready to go. This solution is typically useful for Defense, Aerospace and Nuclear project management applications where physical location of data is an important criteria in security management.

On Premise Solutions



Business Consulting Services

TeamHub can be put into use to manage not only projects but also many allied activities such as requisition processes, maintenance systems, recruitment processes and more, this improves the overall collaborative atmosphere of the entire organization and builds a great team capable of delivering even the most difficult of tasks.

Our business consulting services ensure that we capture all possible areas of TeamHub implementation and system needs through a comprehensive business analysis. With a structured software rollout program utilizing both behavioral as well as technical trainings we ensure success of TeamHub implementations. Further we also ensure sustenance of this change through regular follow ups, classroom and web based trainings, user group seminars and usage audits.



TeamHub provides a comprehensive Collaborative Project Management system for all your business needs, lets get in touch to explore further!
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