TeamHub Installer

Install on Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04 Server:

Please use a fresh minimal / default install of Ubuntu 14.04 / 15.04
1. Download the Linux Installer
user@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ wget
2. Change it’s permission to executable by
user@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ chmod +x
3. change to super user mode by issuing the following command and the sudo password
user@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ sudo su
( This is mandatory as the script will fail to install required dependencies if not run as root)
4. Run the installer
root@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ ./
5. Restart the server to use TeamHub

Minimum System Requirements:
1. 2048 MB RAM free
2. 2 CPUs
3. 8 GB free disk space

Please consider trying out TeamHub on Digital Ocean’s servers for free when you sign up with this link

Use a virtual machine (droplet on DO) with these minimum specifications for a 25 user instance

2 Cores