Activating TeamHub Server

Once you install TeamHub on your Linux server or start up the Virtual Machine Image,
Please point your browser to the IP address of your TeamHub server.

Step 1:
This is the welcome screen, if there are any errors or components missing, it will be displayed here.

Step 2:
This is the license agreement, you must accept it to proceed ( no we don’t want your kidney )

Step 3:

Your unique product ID is displayed here, please copy it and mail it to us with your details
on support[at]excedalogic with the following details

1. Your name
2. Your Designation
3. Company & Address
4. Official email ID
5. Number of employees in your company
6. Product Code
and we will send you the license key file in as little as 10 minutes!

Once you recieve the key, upload the license key, configure your instance of TeamHub and enjoy your test drive!

Please note: When you access the application for the first time,
it might take up to 120 seconds for the server to render the start page.
This behavior is standard with Tomcat / Java apps as the server creates fresh cache.
Once the cache is created, you will see near instantaneous response from the server until the next reboot!